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Omar Alanazi

From an early age, my enthusiasm for business was evident. I engaged deeply with the subject during my academic years, exploring various ventures that fueled my eagerness to learn. This interest in business and finance flourished during my adolescence, guiding me towards opportunities that fostered continuous personal and professional growth.

My academic journey, encompassing both Bachelor's and Master's degrees and my ongoing pursuit of CA and SOCPA qualifications, reflect my deep-rooted passion for accounting. These experiences have been instrumental in shaping my identity and defining my career path.

Keen to Learn

Provisional Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

A member since October 2023, my provisional membership with CAANZ has allowed me to understand the Australian and New Zealand accounting system and create a network of like-minded accountants.

Recently, I have passed and completed the following units from CAANZ's GradDip program:

  • Core 1: Ethics and Business
  • Core 2: Risk and Technology

Seeking to Grow

McKinsey Academy: McKinsey Forward Program

The McKinsey Forward Program was an opportunity for me to learn and develop my leadership and interpersonal skills. Allowing me to grow individually and have an international network across the MENA region.

MiSK Foundation:

SPARK Mentorship Program

The spark program allowed me to grow my understanding in undertaking businesses and entrepreneurship.

The program allowed me to better communicate ideas and develop problem solving skills and mindset.

Committed to Deliver

Hewlett-Packard (HP): Student Competition

The HP Student Completion, in partnership with Enactus MQ, was an excellent opportunity to show my business acumen and problem-solving skills to improve rural education across Australia.

World Vision Australia :

Student Competition

The World Vision project was an excellent opportunity for me to impact the community and improve both educational and environmental projects offered by World Vision Australia.

Businessman using magnifying to review balance sheet annual. Concept of Internal audit, Auditing tax, Analyze return on investment.


Audited organisations in agriculture, entertainment, energy, mining, technology, and financial services.




Managed individual and company taxation matters across different jurisdictions.

accountant financial


Managed accounting matters, including processing entries and preparing financial reports.

Accreditations Gallery

Certificate in International Financial Reporting

Diploma in Islamic Finance

Finance Professionals Sustainability Certificate

Achievements Gallery

Highest Achiever Award

Academic Excellence Acknowledgement

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Scholarship

Projects Gallery

World Vision Australia - Gen Z Funding Solutions

Hewlett-Packard - Educational Development Across Rural Australia

Notifi - AI-Powered Money Laundering Initiative


"Omar's earnestness, industriousness, resourcefulness, and technical skills showcased in project work."

Omar is well loved by his peers, and he will create a positive atmosphere of learning throughout your institution –

whether it is in his studies, or whether it is in employment endeavours.

He has consistently demonstrated a

collegiate spirit, a strong work ethic, dedication to his peers and stakeholders, and an overall pleasant demeanour.

Course Director, Macquarie University

"Omar is a highly motivated student."

As both his lecturer and tutor, I found Omar’s key strengths analytical, quantitative, discussive and written abilities, hard work, dedication, and punctuality.

Lecturer and Unit Convenor, Macquarie University

"He is a bright and dedicated student. He demonstrated in class and in his academic work that he is

an intelligent, sharp, and capable student."

I feel confident that he will continue working hard to the best of his abilities in any new challenge or role as a recent MQBS graduate student. I would recommend him as a suitable candidate for your organisation.

Head of Major, Macquarie University

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